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Consumer Products

The Consumer Products Division (CPD) is an important supplier to the hospitality industry and other commercial markets. Its products include tablecloths, napkins, sheets and towels for restaurants and hotels, as well as surgical towels for the institutional market, and infant blankets for retailers. Its brands, such as Riegel ® and Permalux ®, are well known throughout the marketplace. CPD provides unique sourcing opportunities for its customers. If quick delivery is essential, or customized products for special applications are needed, CPD can produce the product domestically. If time is not critical, but pricing is, the products can be provided from a diverse global platform. And CPD always stands behind its products with unsurpassed customer service.

CPD has two facilities in South Carolina. Its McCormick Plant provides cut-and-sew operations in support of both domestic and imported platforms. CPD also has a distribution facility located in Johnston. See for more information.

Shop at our Riegel Linen online store Contact the Consumer Products Division by calling 1-800-845-2232. You can shop on-line at

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